Friday, June 29, 2007

Some Google Tools

I just read a great article in the June 2007 ABA Law Technology Today called Google to the Rescue: A Go Tech Virtual Office on a No Tech Budget by Craig Ball. And just before I read the article, I attended an online presentation by a regional library organization on a couple of other Google tools. If you haven't looked into the services that Google has to offer apart from their search engine, now is a good time to do so. The learning curve for these services and tools is almost nil and you can't beat the price.

Google Calendar
Gmail (email)
Google Apps (business communication & collaboration tools)
Google Desktop (organize and stay connected)
Google Docs & Spreadsheets (compare with MS Word & Excel)
iGoogle (homepage)
Google Notebook (like online post-its--but better)
Google Pages (personal web pages)

These are just a sampling of Google's offerings. Here is a list of many more Google products-- Did you know YouTube was owned by Google? Want to try instant messaging? How about starting a blog? It's all there, and more!

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