Friday, June 13, 2008

Updated Library Webpage

For those of you who are choosing to avoid our indecisive Wyoming weather this weekend, and instead are conscientiously completing your legal research, here is an update on the fancy new toy I placed on the library homepage this week.

Being a Google fan, I decided to play with one of their tech options and created a Google gadget that would provide quick links to popular legal resources as well as search our library catalog. This gadget can be added to your iGoogle homepage if you use one. (Click on the "Add Stuff" link on the right side of the page, close to the top. Search for "Wyoming" and our gadget will show up in that results list.) I also was able to embed it on our library site. Hopefully you can see it in action now. If not, you now know why I'm sending out this email. I have had reports that the gadget is not showing up and instead there is a big blank space where our links to Wyoming and federal resources used to be. This being an unsatisfactory situation, I am sending you a very quick, though temporary, fix.

If you're seeing a big blank spot on our homepage (, hit the F5 key, or hit CTRL+F5. This will refresh your web browser and hopefully the gadget and it's important links will appear.

Be assured that I will be solving this inconsistent bug as soon as I can.

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