Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Summary 2013 WY 97

Summary of Decision August 13, 2013

Justice Burke delivered the opinion for the Court. Reversed and remanded to the district court for further proceedings.

Case Name: IN THE MATTER OF ARF, a minor child: JKS v. AHF

Docket Number: S-13-0031

URL: http://www.courts.state.wy.us/Opinions.aspx

Appeal from the District Court of Natrona County the Honorable David B. Park, Judge

Representing Appellant: Keith R. Nachbar, Keith R. Nachbar, PC, Casper, Wyoming.

Representing Appellee: Richard H. Peek, Attorney at Law, Casper, Wyoming.

Date of Decision: August 13, 2013

Facts: In this paternity proceeding, Father, JKS, appeals the district court’s decision to grant custody of their eight-year-old daughter, ARF, to Mother, AHF. He also challenges the district court’s calculation of child support arrearages and its imposition of time limits on the parties’ trial presentations.

Issues: We have rephrased and reordered the issues presented by Father as follows: 1. Did the district court abuse its discretion in awarding custody to Mother? 2. Did the district court commit reversible error in its calculation of child support arrears? 3. Did the district court abuse its discretion in imposing a 160-minute limitation on each party’s trial presentation?

Holdings: We will affirm the district court’s decisions with respect to custody and the time limits. However, because the district court’s order does not comply with the statutory mandate to set forth the presumptive child support amount, we must reverse and remand the district court’s child support decision.

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