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Summary 2013 WY 126

Summary of Decision October 11, 2013

Chief Justice Kite delivered the opinion for the Court. Affirmed in part and reversed and remanded in part.



Docket Numbers: S-12-0276; S-12-0277


Appeal from the District Court of Lincoln County the Honorable Dennis L. Sanderson, Judge

Representing Appellant in Case No. S-12-0276: Jack D. Edwards of Edwards Law Office, P.C., Etna, Wyoming.

Representing Appellee in Case No. S-12-0276: Bret F. King of King & King, LLC, Jackson, Wyoming.

Date of Decision: October 11, 2013

Facts: The district court granted Angela S. Bagley (Wife) a divorce, divided the parties’ property, determined child custody, and ordered Cameron Kdell Bagley (Husband) to pay child support. Both parties appealed. Wife claims the district court erred by refusing to award her child support for their adult disabled daughter because Wife was already receiving Social Security benefits for her. She also argues the district court erred in determining Husband’s net income for the purposes of calculating child support for the parties’ two minor children. Husband, on the other hand, contests the district court’s division of the parties’ property.

Issues: Wife presents the following issues on appeal: I. Did the district court err in concluding that [Husband] had no obligation to personally provide support for his adult daughter who suffers from mental and physical disabilities? II. Did the district court err in calculating [Husband’s] net monthly income for purposes of calculating child support?

Husband asserts those aspects of the district court’s rulings were correct, but queries: I. Did the district court err and abuse its discretion in its division of marital property by awarding [Wife] a money judgment of $149,500? II. Did the district court err and abuse its discretion by determining the value of the horseshoeing business to be $40,000? III. Did the district court err when it failed to provide an appropriate schedule of payments on the money judgment award?

Wife contends the district court’s division of the marital property was correct.

Holdings: After careful analysis and discussion of the support, property, residence and payment schedule the Court found that the district court did not abuse its discretion. Affirmed, as corrected in part and reversed and remanded in part.

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