Friday, July 27, 2007

West eLearning Center

There is a new resource available for users of Westlaw that is free, online and interactive. The West eLearning Center now provides short (8 minutes or less) lessons to help you get the most from your Westlaw subscription.

They do, of course, require a registration--but it's fairly painless as these things go. Just give them a name, email and password, and you can take a course at your convenience, track your progress, and even email lessons to colleagues or employees.

Below are some topics you will find in these courses. See if you can learn some new tricks and maybe even cut down some of that Westlaw bill. It's time for some training!

[Update: Don't forget -- you can use free public access Westlaw in the law library!]

Getting Started on Westlaw

  • Cases
  • Statutes
  • Regulations
  • WestMate®
Resources for Litigation
  • Experts
  • Parties/Witnesses
  • Attorneys/Judges
  • Court Docs
  • Drafting Docs
Westlaw for Paralegals
  • Litigation
  • Statutes
  • Cases

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